Thank you for initiating this step towards coordinating a successful test event for your community. May this event bless many people.
Proctors should not complete this form; rather they should complete the Proctor form below: 
Thank you for taking the next step towards coordinating a testing event with Homeschool Testing Services (HTS), a service of Classical Conversations®.

HTS is a community of servant-leaders making a difference for homeschool families. HTS strives to offer exceptional administrative support to you so that you can enjoy the most valuable aspects of the experience while earning compensation for your efforts.

To join the team, we need to ask several questions in this form.

It will be most helpful if, before you proceed, you pull out a college diploma (B.A. or B.S.) and snap an image of it with your phone, then save that image to an accessible drive, including your last name in the filename (e.g. 'diploma-harrison.jpg"). You will need that image in a later step.
Please complete the application in its entirety. If you have all your materials, this should take less than ten minutes.

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Use a city, state format like this example: Southern Pines, NC
In which ZIP/Postal code is your location? *

Use the zip for either the location of your residence or expected location of the testing event, whichever is known right now. 5-digit zip required for US locations. For international, insert a similar postal code with letters and numbers or type "na" 
What is the name of the Support Representative in your area? *

A Support Representative from Classical Conversations can help get the word out on your testing event. If you are not sure of their name, find it by clicking below, typing in a zip code, then enter their name below.
The following questions pertain to your prior experience with testing events, if any.

No prior experience is necessary, but if you have experience, please complete these questions.
Do you have experience administering standardized tests with another organization?

Simple "no" works if none, which does not disqualify you. If yes, please mention the organization's name (i.e. school or test company) and cite a range of the number of students under your test administration.
Have you held a teaching position in a K-12 school?

Check "Other" then type in the Other text box and briefly note any non-traditional teaching situation relevant to providing testing events.

Do you have a current teaching certificate in any U.S. state?

If not, type "no." If yes, please type the certificate number and the state in the box below.
For applicants located in Florida, the state requires that we receive a copy of your Teaching Certificate.

If you are in Florida, upload a copy of that file or a scanned image of your Teaching Certificate. If you are not in Florida, skip this question.
These question pertain to education:

In the field below, please name the college or university where you graduated and the degree and major you earned.

Please upload an image of your diploma. *

Due to publishers' requirements, the diploma must be a B.A. or B.S. at a 4-year institution.
Homeschool Testing Services upholds the value of test-taking in community for homeschooled children. Please provide two references who will forthrightly present their assessment of your faith, character, and inclination to serve families before, during, a

Reference 1 first and last name

Reference 1 mobile phone number

Use a format with numbers and dashes like this: 910-684-5665
Reference 2 first and last name

Reference 2 mobile phone number

Use a format with numbers and dashes like this: 910-684-5665
Responsibilities of Testing Coordinators *

Submit a complete W-9 (IRS tax form). 
Reserve the facility for 2 consecutive days for 4-4.5 hours per day. Facility fees are the Test Coordinator's responsibility. 
your testing event.
Provide excellent service
to the test-taking families. 
and use; 
View orientation information online;
Keep testing material secure the entire time it is in your possession.
Secure proctors. Proctors need at least four years of college experience and have prior testing experience or view proctor training provided by Homeschool Testing Services. To read more about Proctor qualifications and responsibilities, as well as access the Proctor Application, please review this page:
Organize and ship the testing material back to Homeschool Testing Services in a timely manner.

By submitting this application, you are agreeing to the following:
• Approval for a background check, if necessary;
• Contact information for two references;
• Verification of four-year degree or diploma (if necessary)
Press the Submit button on the next item to complete the form. If you have questions or comments, please insert them here.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

One of the organizers will communicate with you via email regarding the next step.

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